NFT Ownership

AI NFT Authenticator with Mint and Interoperable Bridging 

What is


Quoth is the only interoperable NFT search query to enable an all in one platform to verify, mint and bridge NFTs under one protocol.

Our Approach

Our AI multi chain originality checker authenticates any NFT then wraps it from one chain to all chains to be freely moved or traded.


Crypto Crossover to Seamless Mainstream Integration & Utility

Leadership Team

Chris Boundikas


Alex Dolgov

CTO/Tech Lead

AJ Dalal

Data Science & AI Strategy

Michiel Van Tichelen


Kyle Ledermann



NFT Lead


Twitter/BiShares Lead


Kourtney Smith

Social Media Manager


It’s been my dream to be able to assemble a great team and launch the first verifiable and immutable proof of history AI protocol that anyone can use just as easy as their current social media experience.  NFTs are here to stay and we are trailblazing the entire authentication, minting and bridging protocol.  

Chris Boundikas

Founder & CEO

Ask Questions

frequently asked questions

Fraud is a huge problem in NFTs across all chains.  NFTs have only just begun, so we are pioneering an authenticator with AI data sets to detect authenticity.  

If there is a dispute with authenticity, the protocol will send random Quoth approved verifiers to research the data and try and break the dispute and fix the verification.

Yes, we will be building a Gallery Marketplace in V2. 

Yes, but it will come with a yearly security fee.