Search for any NFT on any chain ever minted to verify its originality and metadata, colors, tags, etc.

Google-like search - search in human terms like never before!

API Authentication Oracle

Verify originality, don't get scammed ever again.

The Bridge

A real world problem being solved with cross chain technology suited for the portability of NFTs on any chain.

AI Data Sets for Real Time Minting Verification

Quoth's proprietary data sets are the first in their class in the NFT and real world verification protocols. Our database will be able to verify and mint within minutes with 99.99% accuracy.

  • Collectors verifying originality of NFTs on any marketplace on any chain.

  • Fraud detection/copies of other projects and authenticate originality. Marketplaces authenticating NFT projects for pre listing to ensure authenticity.

  • Collectors bridging assets to all chains to gain access to deeper liquidity and yields using popular defi protocols.

  • Platforms securely bridging NFT assets to other networks to access wider range of collectors.

  • Owners looking to maximize returns by fragmenting the original into NFTs on multiple chains.

  • Future use case as NFT licensing mechanism replacing traditional copyright with a crypto native solution.